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Web with magnet Spider

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  •  High-quality enamel pin with a safety clasp aka rollover clasp as closure type.
  • A must-have accessory for any outfit!  Sick of your day-to-day clothes? You don't need a whole new wardrobe - the most boring and casual looks can be transformed with the help of our amazing pins. Endless opportunities to upgrade outfits - make the best of each and every item you own.
  • Get plenty of compliments!  "It's all in the details" - with trends shifting towards minimalism and understated dressing, accessories are more essential than ever in polishing, perfecting and personalizing a look. Whether accessorizing a shirt, bag or shoe our pins will make a statement to achieve a vibe that's both elegant and effortless. Be sure your taste, sense of style and fashion preferences will be noticed!
  • Extremely well made:  of nontoxic gold plated and silver plated zinc alloy- high resistance against corrosion. Best quality rhinestones.


Spider Spiritual Meaning

Spider - creativity and inspiration, high concentration, strength and gentleness, ability to differ between illusions and reality, spiritual and physical balance.

From the mystical and mythological point of view, the spider is associated with the magic of creation. The spider is a symbol of the creative power that is embodied in its ability to make a luxurious web. The main feature of spider energies is their spiraling direction. For people whose totem is a spider, the web spiral, tapering in the center, can become a subject of meditation. Are you aiming for a goal or are you scattering your forces, moving in different directions? Are you able to fully concentrate? Are not you too absorbed in yourself? Do you care about the achievements of others more than your own? Do you feel resentment towards yourself or others? 
Spiders are an amazing combination of gentleness and strength. 
Spiders live in hard-to-reach places, and they prefer to weave their web in the dark. It says a lot about how to use your creative energies. Don't be afraid that other people will not appreciate your creativity. Weave the threads of creation in the dark, and then, when the rays of the sun touch them, they sparkle with exquisite beauty.



The Spider sits on the Web by the magnet attached to the Web.
Size: 2.12*1.81 in /5.4*4.6 cm 
Weight: 0.42 oz/ 12 g 
Care: no harsh chemicals, only clean with water and mild soap and dry it with a cloth.



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Web with magnet Spider


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