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The Lounge Pet™️ - Super Soft Plush Lounger Bed

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$39.99 $80.00


Your purchase will help us save animals from suffering and give them the expert treatment and care they need. 

We support and donate 10% of the profit to the animal shelters around the world.

Sleep Well With The Lounge Pet™️- The Pet Bed That's Super Comfortable And Lets Them Sleep Safe And Sound!

Give your furry little friend the best sleeping experience and keep them warm all year round with the Lounge Pet™️. A true game-changer that is taking over the market by storm.

pet bed

Made with waterproof fabric that's easier to clean and repels dirt and smelly odors. Which means the fabrics used in the Lounge Pet™️ can repel the toughest of stains and orders and not get dirty. Saving you time from scrubbing and giving your pet a more comfortable dirt free slumber.

pet bed

Uniquely designed with a raised rim that creates maximum support and a sense of security around your pets head and neck. Super soft padding helps take the pressure off there joints and relieves any pain they may have.

Can use it for various kinds of pets - dogs, cats and many other small animals you may have. The Lounge Pet works with all ranges of pets to give them a better and more comfortable sleeping experience.

It's not just our amazing products that make us stand out. It's our dedication to rigorous research and laser focus on product development to provide you an most importantly your furry little friend good quality and 100% customer satisfaction. Get yours today so your pets can thank you later.



Super Soft & Comfortable - Double filled padding built into the Lounge Pet that gives your pets a more comfortable way to sleep without moving around so much to get comfortable. Just hop right in and instantly get comfortable and sleep all through the night.

Allergen Free - Made with high elastic polyester cotton and oxford cloth with a soft wool padding that is 100% allergen free. Which means your pets can sleep in peace without any allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Water Resistant Base - Makes it easier to repel any water away that may be tracking on their paws. Saving you that smelly moldy odor and in return making the Lounge Pet last for years before replacing it.

Easy On Joints - Soft wool padding built around the raised rim that offers them optimal support around the entire body while they sleep. Instantly relieving the pressure off of their joints and giving them a more pain-free sleeping experience.

Easy Wash - Simply scrub it down and clean it with a dry cloth with some pet-safe detergent and you're good to go. Making it much easier to clean it and still maintain it's fluffiness.

pet bed

pet bed

The Lounge Pet™️ - Super Soft Plush Lounger Bed

$39.99 $80.00

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